Ludwig Schwinn


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Haarzurichterei Ludwig Schwinn

History of a family-owned company




1948    Ludwig Schwinn Company is being founded as a broom, brush and paint-brush production

            in Gammelsbach (Odenwald), a district of Beerfelden. At this time, animal hair and animal

            bristles necessary for the manufacturing process are prepared by the company itself, hence

            the complete fabrication from the raw material to the final product is in house.


1969    Company reorientation and focusing: the broom, brush and paint-brush production is turned

            into Ludwig Schwinn Haarzurichterei, with the core business being the processing of natural

            hair, as it is well-established today.  


1971     Ernst-Ludwig Schwinn, son of the company´s founder, joins the company to manage the

           expanding business in cooperation with his father Ludwig Schwinn. The company becomes

           a reliable partner for the broom, brush and paint-brush industry.


1983    Ludwig Schwinn Haarzurichterei arranges an interfirm cooperation with Courimpex (Sao Paulo,

           Brazil). The German company delivers consolidated knowledge, know-how and machines to

           Brazil. In return, Ludwig Schwinn gets exclusive right of sale from the Brazilian company.


1990   The production area of the Haarzurichterei is being expanded by the acquisition of a tannery

           founded in 1851. The business operations are developing; many qualities are available ex stock.